Calculations Of delivers a distinct sound in an over saturated market of electronic music. Each beat Calculations Of composes or plays resonates to your inner core, and gives you no choice but to dance. Boasting a heavy arsenal of originals & remixes ranging from Motown classics to current billboard hits, rest assured a high level musical performance is promised.

Calculations Of has performed at several clubs, lounges, and universities/colleges throughout the nation (United States). He also performs frequently along side Contemporary Violinist Daniel D. and  his band The Urban Instrumentalists. The North American International Auto Show, the Miami International Boat Show, The Spoleto Arts Festival, and the Atlanta Jazz Festival, are just a few major events he has performed at. He's also played events sponsored by U.S. Congress members, Porsche, Exxon, Gatorade, Sea Ray, Sales Force, and Spawar.

Calculations Of has had music on FM, satellite, and online stations. His production/engineering credits range from violinists, singers, and full bands.